Quality / Hand-Dyed /Yarn

The yarn above is a small peek at what we have to offer. We have so many other colors along with many natural colored yarns as well. We have a variety of different weights and types. 


Natural / Wool / Blankets 

Blanket Sizes

Queen - 76" x 104"
Throw - 52" x 76"
Double - 72" x 90"
Lap Robe - 48" x 60" 

More Products Include

Sheep Skins: 
Natural colored 

If you are interested in a sheepskin, get in touch, and tell us what you are looking for. We are happy to provide photos to match the vision you have for a natural sheepskin.

Wool Insoles 

Custom wool insoles made from our Border Leicester and Romney fleece. These insoles are breathable and odor preventing while cushioning your steps comfortably. 

Raw Wool 

Glossy, shimmery longwool fleeces from our flock for spinning, felting and more.


Charlotte, Vermont

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